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Kaizen Training - Continuous Process Improvement PPT Presentation Kit

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Kaizen Training


Kaizen training contains more than 500 PPT slides, trainer’s guide. It designed to designed to get the message of continuous improvement kaizen in quality and production management areas

Content of Kaizen Training - Continuous Process Improvement PPT Presentation Kit

This Kaizen Training ppt Presentation kit consists of the following.

  1. Topic wise kaizen power point presentation in 10 management modules as listed below.
    • Introduction of Kaizen
    • Need for kaizen
    • Methods and tools
    • SMAIC Model
    • Products and process
    • Organization wide approach
    • Recognizing improvement
    • Steps for implementation
    • Case study -1
    • Case study -2

    This component comprises more than 500 foils, each pleasingly presented presentation designed to get the message of continuous improvement kaizen in quality and production management areas, and establish a much better understanding. It also describes how to tackle it and drills down into all these topics

  2. A trainer's guide( Hand-outs)
  3. Work-shops and case study on kaizen presentation is given to evaluate effectiveness of training.
  • Written in Plain English
  • Hand-outs written in MS-word 7 and window 2000 software and Presentation made in Power point
  • The soft copy of kaizen ppt for continuous improvement training and hand-outs are given
  • It will save much time in typing and preparation of kaizen presentation alone
  • Easily customized by you to add audio clips in the local language etc to prepare presentation for any other groups in production and quality areas and easily explain what is kaizen continuous improvement as a management practices
  • Good guide for training of your team and management personnel on Kaizen and best tool to implement Kaizen within less time.
  • User-friendly and easy to learn
How useful?
  • Our kaizen presentation CD is ideal for individual computer learning or for use by a facilitator with large groups.
  • Provide you with the kaizen presentation materials and hand-outs that you need for preparation of effective ppt presentation, pdf documents on kaizen, what it is, and what it requires.
  • By using these kaizen slides, you can save a lot of your precious time while preparing the course materials for in-house training programs to create cultural change in the organization.
  • Good tool to educate all employees on Kaizen and to achieve better performance.
Other Details

The Kaizen training ppt - Continuous Process Improvements presentation Kit is a useful training material and guide presented by Leading Management training consultant Global Manager Group.

What is Kaizen? - It is a continuous improvement management practices for process improvement in quality and production areas. This Kaizen training kit helps to understand and describe the methodology to bring continuous improvement in a company. This competitive market requires fast changing industry conditions for any company and in such environment continuous improvement in overall activity of the organization is the only way and same can be achieved by implementation of kaizen continuous improvement in the production and quality areas of organization.

The Kaizen ppt presentation slides provided by Global Manager Group educates employees through effective kaizen tools and methods for implementation of kaizen. The SMAIC Model with graphical presentation, pdf, document and score sheet is described to see an overall organization performance, steps for how to implement the kaizen as well as what is kaizen.

This Globally recognized Kaizen Training Presentation PPT slides prepared by expert management trainer of the Global Manager Group with the core knowledge in area of the subject. Our many global clients already purchased Kaizen presentation and implements best management system in their organization.

Method of Delivery for Kaizen ppt

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