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BRC Storage and Distribution issue 2 Documentation Kit with Manual, procedures, checklist

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BRC Storage-Distribution Docs


BRC Storage and Distribution document kit contains more than 150 word files in editable format. It includes manual, proecures, formats, policy, audit checklists, SOps etc. disigned as per requirements of latest BRC standard.

Content of BRC Storage and Distribution issue 2 Documentation Kit with Manual, procedures, checklist

The contents of the document kit which we offer includes more than 150 files as listed below:

  1. BRC Storage and Distribution Manual (25 files): A sample BRC system manual with storage and distribution policy which meets the requirement of BRC storage and distribution issue 2 for quick certification.
  2. BRC issue 2 Procedures: (13 procedures): It includes 13 HACCP and system procedures to implement the system in the company and comply with the issue 2 storage and distribution requirements.
  3. Forms & Templates for record keeping (63 sample forms): A set of 63 BRC blank templates and standard forms to demonstrate implementation of storage and distribution management system.
  4. Standard Operating Procedures (27 SOP): Standard operating procedures and sanitation control and hygiene control procedures for good work practices.
  5. Exhibits: It includes the 7 Exhibits which stated the Standard parameters to be followed.
  6. Policies: It included the 5 files with different policies as a part of BRC requirements.
  7. Process Approach: 11 different area process approaches which outline the correlation of the different department and its working style to establish good working system. The process flow gives easy way to present the system to be followed in the departments.
  8. New HACCP Documents: HACCP documents that covers ready documents like product description, process flow chart, Hazard Analysis report, HACCP plan, corrective action plan, verification plan, blank HACCP documents, filled HACCP documents, HACCP principles etc., designed as per HACCP requirements.
  9. Audit checklist for BRC (more than 900 questions):
    • BRC global standard for storage and distribution issue 2 requirement compliance audit checklists.
    • Department wise checklists to ensure related requirements are implemented in each functional area.
    • Supplier audit checklist
    All these audit questions can be easily customizable for making your own audit checklist.

All the BRC standard documents provided are editable and the user can easily modify the name of the company, its logo and other details required by your company or your clients for the preparation of BRC storage and distribution issue 2 documents in 3 days for quick certification.

  • The user can very easily modify the templates according to their products and create the documents for their organization within few days.
  • Our BRC Storage & Distribution Issue 2 comprehensive documentation package covers manual, procedures, templates, forms and many key documents as well as more than 400 audit checklist helps the organization to ensure micro-level system.
  • Complete free DEMO of our BRC total documents can be download online that helps the user to understand the list of all documents provided by us.
  • After reviewing free DEMO user can take purchase decision faster and proceed with quick Buy option via secure third party payment gateway.
  • Save much time and cost in document preparation and learning documentation process for BRC storage and distribution certification.
  • The company can purchase our documents kit and take E consultancy for all off side help for quick BRC certification.
How useful?
  • Easily editable documents helps user to modify documents as per their working system for their company.
  • Readymade templates are available which can reduce your time in preparation of manual, procedures, SOPs, policy and audit checklists.
  • BRC procedures and formats are provided in document kit can help in fine-tuning the processes and establish better control over storage and distribution proces.
  • It gives true value for money to customer and payback is very law.
  • Take care for all the section and sub sections of BRC Storage and Distribution standard issue 2, and gives better confidence as well as improvement in a system.
Other Details

The British retail consortium (Lead trade association for retail industry in UK) has released BRC global standard for Storage and Distribution issue-2 to establish product safety, quality and legality of the food, packaging and consumer products. We designed to offer readymade Documentation kit based on BRC global standard for Storage and Distribution (Issue-2). Our BRC consulting team has prepared BRC Documents conforming to the requirements of the standard. Globally many food processing and packaging organizations are using our BRC documentation kits since last 10 years, which includes BRC food documentation, BRC packaging documentation and BRC Auditor training kits. We have introduced this BRC storage and distribution documentation kit for verifying effective system implementation for quick BRC certification in storage and packaging industries. The user can easily modify the given issue 2 documentation templates as per their company working system and create their own BRC global standard for storage and distribution documents for their company.

This BRC storage & distribution Issue 2 documentation kit is based on good storage hygiene and distribution practices and covers all the requirements, which helps user in improving food safety working and management system. As the documents are completely editable in .doc formats, it saves lot of time and money in preparing BRC documentation for issue 2 certification.

Method of Delivery of BRC Storage and Distribution (Issue-2) Documentation Kit

After purchase of our BRC documentation kit for storage and distribution, we will provide username and password for online delivery of our products by ftp download from our server with in 12 to 24 hours.

This product kit softcopy is now on sale. This product is delivered by download from server/ E-mail.

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