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Our documentation kit is in word or excel and customer can edit it to make own company documents for certification of related system. The ppt presentation is in power point and user can edit it to make suitable to his need by using our products to train in-house team members. You can find our product prices on our website and demo of our products with list of items. We will update them from time to time. All prices are in US dollars and include applicable taxes.

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Globalmanagergroup.com sells documentation templates, which are impalpable goods that are digitally delivered, all sales are final. We practice a NO REFUND policy. We will be more than happy to help you, if you experience any difficulties with one of the digital download products or you undergo any problems with downloading it.
All products are prepared with best of our knowledge, it is your responsibility to download free DEMO and understand list of documents and training material included in the product, we are not bound to provide you replacement with another product. Refunds will not be given in case of wrong product selection or document does not match with your requirements. For any query you can write us your requirement before purchasing any product, if we think that our products or services just won't suit you, we will complete your requirements and/or advise you that you should look for alternative documents.


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Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you buy our any of our products and are not satisfied with the content, let us know within 12 hours of purchase and before you download the kit. we will refund 100% of the product cost  till the product is returned within 12 hours and no use guarantee. We are confident, that like our many other customer, you will like our products, and also recommend them to others. We are proud of our achievement, and want to show it through the explicit satisfaction guarantee that others cannot offer.


All our online purchase products and downloads are delivered within 12 hours of purchase through ftp download upon registration. There is no physical shipments of any products.


For support you can send us an e-mail to sales@globalmanagergroup.com or Call us at +91-9825031523.


PO and DD  purchases are available for corporate and Federal Government accounts; fax the PO or e mail us purchase order with tt transfer in our account. For account  details download purchase order from our web site.



I GET AN ERROR WHEN I TRY TO HAVE Download form ftp server, WHAT DO I DO?

Your computer might not be supporting ftp download. In such cases download our products by method 2 for clicking the zip file link given to you.

What happens after I purchase the product through payment gate way from your website ?

Upon registration using Visa, America Express, or MasterCard we are getting payment verification mail from 2 Co within 12 hours. After that we will send mail for delivery of soft copy of our kit.

  • The password and username is given to download from our ftp server within 12 hours of confirmation of payment from CCAVENUE.COM
  • Link of Zip file by E-mail to download from our server.
What will I get if I pay for any particular products ?

You will be delivered softcopy of our products (presentation kit or document kit) purchased by you The scope of product shall be as stated in the web-site for related product page as well as demo given on E shop page. This product is sold as a guide or reference copy only.  Many organizations globally have used our guide products after necessary customization and implementation . The buyer must customize our training presentation/document kit to suit his/her organization's requirements. M/s Naman Infotech center shall not be responsible for any loss/damage to the client that might arise due to improper modification by client/usage of the product.

Can I get user manual and contents of your products for purchases done by us?

You will get user manual along with our product.

Can I get license for the single user for the copy purchased by me for any of our products ?

Yes, you may use our product for your company under our single license scheme but your copy should not be given to other customers or other company as it is protected under international copy right act and each product copy is having one unique copy number to protect multi usage of our products.

We are having 5 group of companies and if I purchase 1 copy then may your product be used by our all other group companies ?

The product is sold under single user license scheme and if you want to purchase it for your all the group companies then you have to purchase multiple copy from us.

Is The Credit Card transaction secure ?

The credit card registration is done through a secure socket, so there is no risk for your credit card information, which is protected and cannot be intercepted.

Can I use your training presentation/ documentation kit and make it user friendly to meet my need?

Yes, you can and for that you need to save our products in your computer and do necessary changes to meet your requirements. Our all the products are user friendly and made in power point for training presentations and word for training literature as well as documentation kit. We are giving soft copy of our all products and no hard copy is given. All our product is having edit future and you can edit it to meet your need.

What is the product licence agreement to us?

 Our certification documents and training kits are licensed for use at one physical site for your company under our single license scheme. The copy should not be given to other customers or other company as it is protected under international copyright act and each product copy. Once you've chosen your site or location, you may make as many copies of our product kits as you need in order to carry out your work at that site. You may also share our publication with your co-workers. But you may not use our product kits at other sites or locations. You can ask us for corporate license for use our documents for other sites. If you're a consultant, you're not restricted to a single site. You may use our publications as often as you need but will not give or sell our products to your customers. You do not need to purchase a new copy for each consulting project.

If you're a trainer, teacher, or professor, you may make as many copies as you need from our system awareness and auditor training presentation kit in order to teach your students. However, if your students wish to use our products for professional or occupational purposes, they must purchase their own copy.

You may edit or modify Certification Documentation kit for preparing system documents for your organization but not modify or edit documentation for selling to others without our permission.

All rights reserved to Global Manager Group for all the contents provided on the website as well as in our documents and training kits. We retain ownership of our products. This license agreement does not transfer title or ownership to you. You may not resell our documents kit and/or training presentation kit without our permission.

You may modify or edit our publications for making your own documents. You may, however, add additional notes and comments in our training kits to make your own training kits. We retain ownership of our document and training kits. This license agreement does not transfer title or ownership to you. Neither us nor our suppliers shall be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, loss of profits, business, interruption or the like), arising out of the use or inability to use our products. Our product is a guideline sample documents and templates and user is responsible to make best use of it for his/her organization requirements. Our total liability to you for actual damages for any cause whatsoever will be limited to the amount paid by you for the product purchased by you that caused such damage.

If you believe there has been any breach of security such as the disclosure, theft or unauthorised use of your details or any payment information, you must notify to us immediately by e-mailing at sales@Globalmanagergroup.com

What is our LIABILITY?
  • Neither us nor our suppliers shall be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, loss of profits, business, interruption or the like), arising out of the use or inability to use our products. Our product is a guideline sample documents and templates and user is responsible to make best use of it for his/her organization requirements.
  • Our total liability to you for actual damages for any cause whatsoever will be limited to the amount paid by you for the product purchased by you that caused such damage.
What is the Do's and DONT's of ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and OHSAS:18001 implementation?
  • Document your way of doing business and align the implementation of ISO system with your business objectives and business practices.
  • Keep the documentation simple.
  • Document the flexibility you need in your procedures.
  • Use the ISO implementation as a stepping stone to get better efficiency in your operation.
  • Choose a Management Representative that is part of the management team and well liked and respected within the organization.
  • Conduct your implementation on a faster-track approach, slow implementations are more disruptive and difficult in the long run.
  • Choose an ISO/Management representative that sees the big picture and understand ISO at a higher level.
  • Provide ISO training to the management level individuals even if you are going to use an external consultant .
  • Provide Internal Auditor training to the Management Representative and some other key members of the organization. (see Auditor Training).
  • Select a consultant firm on the basis of how well their style will fit your company culture, as well as their success rate in helping companies achieve certification. An inappropriate consultant can do a lot of damage. Check the references!
  • Check credit history of consulting firms... there are a lot of reputable and yet unreliable entities out there.
  • Beware of consultants that quote you a fixed cost without conducting a thorough audit of your operation. They are low-balling to get the job. Once they get it and they do get a feel of the amount of work, they will either start cutting corners to save time, which will put you at risk, or find a way to abort the implementation process in midstream after having pocketed a chunk of money.
  • Ask for detailed quotes from registrars that cover a 3-year period, which include the yearly Surveillance Audits.
  • Lock in a registration audit date right away, so that all your organization has a clear target and stays focused.
  • Choose and treat your Registrar like a long-term partner.
  • Use a Registrar's Preliminary Assessment as an improvement tool, as well as to maintain momentum for the implementation.
  • If you feel confident that you are ready without having to go through a preliminary assessment, call for a certification audit.
  • Start implementation before an experienced person or a professional conducts a gap assessment to determine exactly what needs to be done. You may go off-track and waste precious time and resources implementing unnecessary items, and missing some crucial tasks.
  • Create more work for yourself and your colleagues just to comply with ISO. That may mean that you are not aligning the implementation with your business practices and worst of all that the maintenance of the quality management system is going to be cumbersome and burdensome for your organization.
  • Conduct ISO implementation just to get a certificate.
  • Over-document procedures: the more you say the more you commit to.
  • Sacrifice the operational flexibility you need for your business to please the auditors.
  • Use a consultant that you will have to depend on to maintain your quality management system after certification. It will just cost you more and imply that the implementation was incomplete.
  • Think a Registrar is here to fail you.
  • Use an obscure Registrars who may almost give you a certificate for the right price… Their ISO certificates are worthless in the eyes of the business community.
  • Think that a good auditor is necessarily good at implementation.


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