Total Documentation for System Accreditation


ISO/IEC 17020, 17021, 17024, 17034, 17043, 17065 Accreditation

Accreditation is the formal recognition by an authoritative body of the competence to work to specified standards. System Accreditation is the process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented. The accreditation process ensures that their certification practices are acceptable, typically meaning that they are competent to test and certify third parties, behave ethically and employ suitable quality assurance.

ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17020 is internationally recognized standard that requirements for the competence of operation of various types of inspection bodies. ISO/IEC 17020 Accreditation process involves an assessment of the agencies competence for performing inspections and the consistency of their inspection activities.

ISO/IEC 17021:2015 Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17021 Standard specifies requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems. ISO/IEC 17021 Accreditation demonstrates to the marketplace, stakeholders and regulators that the bodies have met the accreditation requirements and are periodically monitored for compliance.

ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Accreditation

ISO 17024 is an International Standard which sets out criteria for bodies operating certification of persons. ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation provides a global benchmark for personnel certification schemes to operate in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner worldwide.

ISO/IEC 17034:2016 Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17034 is designed to ensure competency in the manufacture of reference materials. ISO/IEC 17034 Accreditation involves excellent technical competence and quality management practices. It also adds both verification of critical production practices and accuracy of Reference Material.

ISO/IEC 17043 Accreditation

ISO 17043 Accreditation for organisations provides Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes, who wish to demonstrate their competence through formal compliance with a set of internationally-recognised requirements for the planning and implementation of proficiency testing programs.

ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17065 provides rules for organizations that certify products. ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation demonstrates to the marketplace and to regulators that the agencies’ have met the requirements for operating certification schemes in a competent, consistent and impartial manner.

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