Global ISO Consultancy and Training Company since 1991

Global Manager Group is a progressive company and promoted by a group of qualified Engineers and management graduates having rich experience of 20 years in certification consultancy and management areas. The company serves the domestic as well as international customers through on-site and off-site modes of service delivery systems. We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping all types of organizations to achieve competitiveness, certifications and compliance to international standards and regulations.

OUR 2700 Clients in More than 36 countries. We always exceed customer Expectations

  1. Our promoters and engineers have experience of more than 2700 companies globally for management training and system certification consultancy. We had clients in more than 36 countries.
  2. Highly qualified 50 team members (M.B.A., Degree engineers) and owner is having rich professional experience (since 1991).
  3. We have 100% success rate for global certification of our clients from reputed certifying body having branded image and leading name in the market.
  4. Suggest continual improvement and cost reduction measures as well as highly informative training presentations and other products gives payback within 2 months against our cost.
  5. Global consultancy and training company since 1991(More than 25 years)
  6. Leading consultancy firm for System and Management areas
  7. Clients as more than 2700 companies in India as well as globally in more than 36 countries
  8. We have team of 50 professional and associates (Engineers / management graduates) from various disciplines.
  9. Market leader and having branded image of fast delivery.
  10. Timely completion of work (faster, reliable and economical).

Time Saving, Reliable & Low Cost Products :

Experience in all kinds of industry and highly qualified team prepares our products and sold at very low price if you compare our rates vs. cost of preparation by your team members for documentation/presentation material then it is very law.

  1. We provide value for money to our customers
  2. Our team have experience of more than 700 globally for system certification and training
  3. 100 % return to customer for what he spent in our products
  4. We deliver our products within 12 to 24 hours via ftp download/Emails.
  5. Our billing rates 40 % lower than industry rate
  6. Preparation cost of 9000 man days are distributed in many products
  7. Saves your preparation time and thus cost
  8. Ready to use product with edit future.

Certified Training by Online Courses and Classroom

We deliver certified training courses for ISO system awareness, lead auditor and internal auditors at our classrrom training program as well as online courses at our website: We will soon achieve accreditation from leading certifying body to deliver such ISO training programs, which will be deliver by exprienced tutor.

  • E-Learning Training Courses: User can purchase such course online, which covers handouts, ppt and video training material as wellas online test for each session. After completing this course successfully he/she will receive certificate for the course.
  • Classroom Training: We deliver training by experienced tutor at either our place or at client's place as per pre-decided schedule. After successfully completing such course we trainee will get training certificate.
  • Online Training Program: We deliver training via digital platforms like webinars, video conference and emails.
  • Auditor Training Presentation Kits: We have readymade ppt presentation kit, trainee can purchase it and learn or deliver training by his own.

Steps for System Implementation & Certification Consultancy

  • Step 1: Gap Assessment
  • Step 2: Training
  • Step 3: Document Generation
  • Step 4: Implementation
  • Step 5: Document Review
  • Step 6: Internal Auditor training
  • Step 7: Internal audits, Improvement and closure of audit findings
  • Step 8: Management Review Meeting
  • Step 9: Registration Audit
  • Step10: Close registration audit findings

4 Steps E-Documentation Consultancy Program

We offer 4-Steps online documentation consultancy for all ISO certification and other international system and product certification. In our e-documentation consultancy program, we provide online ISO documents for a quick certification to our clients world-wide. We are a team of expert consultants having rich experience in implementing system and / or documentation of ISO certification for more than 1800 clients.

  • Gap Assessment Analysis: We conduct gap analysis on the basis of review and analysis of answers to our micro level survey questionnaire.
  • Documentation Preparation: Based on the gap assessment and review of our micro level questions, we will prepare your documents and submit the softcopy.
  • Documentation Requirements in System Implementation: Our specialist ISO consultant will be in touch with you on phones and e mails to discuss the additional documentation requirements during the implementation of your management system.
  • Document Review: Once all the process documents are finalized by you, we will then conduct a desk document review and suggest necessary changes

Company's Mission and objective

We do our job with passion with aim to deliver the best to our clients:

Mission :

Global Manager Group's mission and purpose is to help organizations achieve business excellence through the rational development and improvement of the business system. The in-depth experience of our progressive staff and our innovative approach to system training, business process improvement, Management System implementation, and organizational development is reflected in our broad array of services. We are committed to providing the highest quality, custom tailored, and affordable training and consulting services to help organization along the road to organizational excellence.

Objectives :

  1. Promote management and system training with slides and user can modify to suit.
  2. Create Global Managers Group worldwide to share knowledge on system document
  3. Provide documents and presentation kit and save the time of individual in preparation
  4. Provide value for money to our customers.


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