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Pre Accreditation Entry Level for Hospital Documentation Kit

D145 :
Entry Level Hospital Documents


Pre Accreditation Entry Level for Hospital Documentation Kit contains more than 160 editable files - covers documents such as manual, system procedures, standard operating procedures, NABH audit checklist, etc

Content of Pre Accreditation Entry Level for Hospital Documentation Kit
  1. Hospital Manual (08 files): A sample manual and each of the chapters are explained in easy to understand language. It meets the NABH requirements for Pre entry level for hospital accreditation.
  2. Department wise manual (45 files): The different department system is given in 5 department wise manual as listed below.
    1. Central Sterility Supply Department (CSSD) manual
    2. Emergency Preparedness
    3. Infection Control
    4. Medical Record
    5. Human Resource Management
  3. System Procedures (08 procedures): We had prepared 8 system procedures to standardize the working in the hospitals and establish system approach.
  4. Health and Safety Procedures (09 procedures): We had prepared 9 health and safety procedures to help the organization to make the best system and quick process improvements
  5. Standard Operating Procedures (28 SOPs): It covers assessment and continuity care (AAC), Care of patient (COP), continuous quality improvement (CQI), etc. departments SOPs.
  6. Forms and templates (64 forms): Set of 64 standard forms and sample blank templates to maintain records in the hospital as well as establish control and make system in the organization
  7. Hospital committee book (01 files): For 8 committee roles and responsibilities
  8. NABH Audit Checklists (more than 700 questions): We are providing set of over 700 audit questions, which can be customized to make your own pre entry level checklist for internal auditing of your hospital.
  • The entire Pre Accreditation Entry Level for Hospital documents are in written in simple and easy to understand language.
  • These ready-to-use templates can save much of your time and cost in document preparation.
  • Defines the baseline system that satisfies NABH standard requirements as well as covers good hospital practices principles for hospital.
  • A soft-copy of an editable Pre entry level for hospital document kit is provided after the successful completion of purchase.
  • The kit content is easy to learn and user-friendly to comply with all Pre Entry level for Hospital requirements.
  • An experienced team of NABH Certification has developed this NABH documents kit. They have spent more than 1000 hours in the preparation of documentation.
  • Companies can achieved globally from the best certifying body.
  • During the preparation of these documents, our team has verified and evaluated its content at various levels.
How useful?
  • The user can very easily modify the templates and create the documents for their organization within 3 days.
  • Ready-to-use Pre Accreditation Entry Level Document kit helps the organization to ensure that the micro-level system is well established as per the latest requirements.
  • A complete demo of total documents, with quick buy option, helps the user to understand the list of all documents that we provide.
  • Work instructions and SOPs can help a user in fine-tuning the processes and establish better control and excellent system in the hospital for better management and patient care.
  • Takes care for all the section and sub sections of NABH standard and gives better confidence as well as improve the system.
Other Details

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare (NABH) has released a new batch of entry-level standards for accreditation of hospitals. As the name suggests, Entry Level Standards are meant for hospitals who want to get started on the quality certification journey. Global Manager Group is offering Pre Accreditation Entry Level for Hospital Documentation Kit required for hospitals having facilities above 50 beds for patients. It enables hospital in demonstrating commitment to quality care. It raises community confidence in the services provided by the hospital.

Our highly experienced team of consultants involved for various hospital system improvements and certification had prepared Pre Accreditation Entry level Documents. By using this NABH certification documents, many hospitals globally are already accredited.

Method of Delivery for Pre Entry Level for Hospital Documentation Kit

By downloading our Free DEMO, a user would understand the content of documentation kit. This will easily help them to take the decision to purchase our products. The user can purchase it online via secured third party payment gateway or via Bank wire transfer as mentioned in the Payment Option on each page. On successful purchase of the Pre Entry Level for Hospital documentation kit, we provide a username and password within 12 working hours for online E-delivery of our products via our FTP server.

This product kit softcopy is now on sale. This product is delivered by download from server/ E-mail.

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