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EQMS Documentation Kit for QMS 9001:2015 and EMS 14001:2015

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EQMS - 2015 Documents


EQMS documents contain more than 220 editable MS-Word files. These editable documents address all the elements of integrated quality and environment management system

Content of EQMS Documentation Kit for QMS 9001:2015 and EMS 14001:2015

The contents of the document kit which we offer includes more than 220 document files as listed below:

  1. EQMS Manual (10 chapters and 04 Annexure): A sample QMS EMS Manual with quality and environment policy, EQMS objectives, scope which meets the requirement of QMS 9001 and EMS 14001 - EQMS certification and integrated manual is prepared.
  2. EQMS Procedures (11 Procedures): It includes 11 procedures to implement the system in the organization that comply with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 requirements. All the mandatory procedures are well documented in editable format.
  3. Standard Operating Procedures/work instructions (59 sops): Standard operating procedures as well as sanitation control and hygiene control procedures for quality work practices.
  4. Process flow charts (11 process charts): Process flow charts with process risk and opportunity for QMS 9001 and EMS 14001 - 2015 EQMS standard.
  5. Exhibits: The 10 exhibits including exhibit for quality objectives and targets and Environment and quality management system operational control plan are given.
  6. Sample Forms (69 sample templates): A set of 69 EQMS templates and standard forms for maintaining records of Environment & Quality Management System.
  7. Environment Management Plan (06 files): It covers environment management plans to link the organization environment objectives with the management plans for environmental improvements.
  8. EQMS Audit Checklist (more than 700 audit questions)
    • QMS 9001 requirement wise audit questions
    • EMS 14001 requirement wise audit questions
    • All department wise audit checklists.
    All these audit questions can be easily customizable for making your own audit checklist.
  9. Sample filled Aspects and Impacts: It covers guidelines for environmental aspect-impact identification and EMS implementation.
  10. Filled Formats: It covers 35 filled formats that guide user to maintain record and establish control in organization.
  11. Sample QMS Risk Templates: QMS risk template in editable form is given to prepare the risk document for the organization.
  • Total EQMS documents are in plain English and easy to understand the documentation process.
  • A soft-copy of an editable EQMS documentation kit is provided that saves much time.
  • It is easy to learn and user friendly and comply with all QMS 9001:2015 and EMS 14001:2015 requirements.
  • It has been developed by experts having successful completion of more than 200 projects of integrated EQMS system certification globally.
  • good learning materials for establishing good environmental and quality management systems.
  • It is been verified and evaluated at various levels during system implementation by our team and more than 1000 hours are spent in preparation of such readymade documentation kit.
  • Our products are highly sold globally and used by many multinational companies, which got total customer satisfaction as well as value for money.
How useful?
  • The user can very easily modify the templates according to their products and create the documents for their organization within 3 days.
  • Such excellent documents give total help to user for making the best system.
  • Complete EQMS demo of total documents with quick buy option helps the user to understand the list of all documents provided by us.
  • Save much time and cost in document preparation.
  • The EQMS certification documents provided by us can be used very effectively for educating vendors, employees and management groups for the establishment of EQMS system.
Other Details

The Integrated EQMS Documentation Kit - 2015 covers all documented information required for QMS 9001:2015 and EMS 14001:2015 certification. The complete list of total documentation package on integrated system QMS 9001-2015 and EMS 14001-2015 is provided in free pdf DEMO. GMG is also offering ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 certification consultancy for implementation of integrated quality and environment management systems. This document package is addressing the requirements of revised QMS 9001 and EMS 14001 standards and covers EQMS manual, procedures, blank forms, Standard Operating Procedures, sample risk templates, process approach and EQMS audit checklist etc, in editable word templates. The editable EQMS documents are designed by the experienced team of consultant by spending more than 1000 hours in document preparation. Our consulting team has prepared documents conforming to the requirements of EQMS, are used by globally by many clients from USA, UK, Middle East, Europe, and Asia and already get certified from leading certifying bodies.

Method of Delivery of EQMS Documentation Kit - 2015

After purchase of our EQMS documentation package - 2015, we are sending email with username and password within 12 to 24 hours for online delivery of our products via ftp download from our server.

This product kit softcopy is now on sale. This product is delivered by download from server/ E-mail.

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