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D132 : ISO Guide 34:2009 Documentation Kit with Manual, Procedures, Forms and Checklists

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The ISO Guide 34:2009 standard is developed for Reference material producer accreditation by ISO in 2009. Global Manager Group has studied requirements of documentation process for this quality standard and introduced new product D132- Documentation Kit for ISO Guide 34:2009 Accreditation, a set of readymade document templates. As other documentation kits, this Guide 34 Documentation covers various technical and management documents like quality manual, mandatory procedures, exhibits, work instruction, sample formats, and audit checklists etc, which are primary requirements of documentation process during accreditation.

Global Manager Group's highly experienced team of QMS consultants that involved for various quality management system improvements and certification, had prepared Guide 34 Manual documents based on ISO Guide 34:2009 standard. The documentation kit with manual, procedures, blank forms and Guide 34 audit checklists are editable word templates, written in simple English. The total documents covered are conforming to the requirements of ISO Guide 34:2009 standard for accreditation of small or big size reference material producers.

The best part about Guide 34:2009 Accreditation Documentation kit is that user can modify the templates as per their working system and create their own documents within 1 week. All our Documentation kits are globally recognized for its user compatibility and covers standard requirements. The complete set of documents for ISO Guide 34 accreditation are in editable word format, so preparing documents for reference material producer accreditation becomes very easy and time saving.


Content of Guide 34:2009 Documents for Reference Material Producers

We had prepared the documentation for accreditation of reference material producers based on ISO Guide 34-2009 standard. The Guide 34:2009 documents consist of the following editable templates:

  1. Guide 34 Manual: A sample copy of ISO Guide 34 Manual which meets the requirements for accreditation of reference material producers. The manual document includes quality policy, organization structure and macro level system for technical and production requirements.
  2. Procedures: Total 31 mandatory procedures covering all the specific practice areas of 31 processes that help the organization to make the best system and quick process improvements.
  3. Exhibits: Total 04 exhibits that covers training requirements and details ideas for process implementation and improvements.
  4. Work instructions: It includes 23 work instructions for ISO Guide 34 for establishing good quality control environment to link with significant aspects issues in the organization.
  5. Forms and templates: Set of more than 55 standard forms and sample blank templates to maintain records to establish better control.
  6. ISO Guide 34:2009 Audit checklist: It covers set of over 250 audit questions, which can be customized to make your own guide 34 audit checklist for internal auditing of your system.
  • Written in simple English.
  • Written in MS Word 7 and window 1997 and later version.
  • Contains a iso guide 34 manual, system procedures, Work Instructions, Operating procedures, Exhibits, formats and iso guide 34 audit checklists.
  • Defines the baseline system as well as covers good reference material producers QMS practices as per Guide 34:2009 principles.
  • Provides model of sample documentaiton process that is natural, simple and free from excessive paperwork.
  • Will save much time in searching and typing of documents.
  • User-friendly and easy to learn sample documents in MS word format.

How ISO Gudie 34 Documents are Useful for Accreditation

  • The user can modify the templates as per their working system and create own documentation quickly.
  • Procedures and formats provided in documentation kit, can help in fine-tuning the processes and establish better control for system establishment for reference material producers.
  • Saves much time and cost in document preparation. It gives value for money to customer and payback is very low.
  • Readymade templates are available which can reduce your time in ISO guide 34 accreditation documentation process as well as training to staff.
  • It helps in making total documentation by providing readymade sample iso guide 34 manual, procedures and audit checklist that accelerate accreditation process.
  • By using this documentaiton guide, many organizations are implementing ISO Guide 34:2009 system and getting benefits of improved quality system in their organizations.
  Other Details

Method of Delivery for Guide 34:2009 Documentation Package:

After purchase of ISO Guide 34:2009 documentation kit, we are giving username and password with download link. We deliver our product online via ftp download directly from ftp server within 12 to 24 hours after receipt of payment.


All the documents can be editable and all rights given to buyer for changes company name, logo etc, as well as all necessary changes as per company system requirements.

This product kit softcopy is now on sale. This product is delivered by download from server/ E-mail.

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D132 : ISO Guide 34:2009 Documentation Kit with Manual, Procedures, Forms and Checklists 1099.00 USD Demo