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Global Consultancy & training company for ISO documents, ISO training, and management training. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 BRC HACCP ISO 22000 CE MARK ISO 27001 ISO17025 Certification Consultants India ISO documents ISO training ISO & Management Consultants
 About the Company
  Global Manager Group is a progressive company and promoted by a group of qualified Engineers and management graduates having rich experience of 20 years in ISO consultancy and management areas . The company serves the domestic as well as international customers through on-site and off-site modes of service delivery systems. We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping all types of organizations to achieve competitiveness, certifications and compliance to international standards and regulations
Our promoters and engineers have experience of more than 900 companies globally for management training , ISO series consultancy. We had clients in more than 35 countries.
Highly qualified 40 team members (M.B.A., Degree engineers) and owner is having rich professional experience (since 1991).
We have 100% success rate for ISO series certification of our clients from reputed certifying body like KPMG, Intertek, MOODY, TUV, BV, Lloyds, Moody, ISOQAR, IAS, NABL etc. and branded image and leading name in the market.
Suggest continual improvement and cost reduction measures as well as highly informative training presentations and other products gives payback within 2 months against our cost.
OUR 900 Clients in More than 35 countries
..We always exceed customer Expectations
  • Global consultancy and training company since 1991(More than 15 years)
  • Leading consultancy firm for ISO and Management areas.
  • Clients in more than 900 companies in India as well as globally in more than 35 countries
  • We have team of 40 professional and associates (Engineers / management graduates) from various disciplines.
  • Market leader and having branded image of fast delivery.
  • Timely completion of work (faster, reliable and economical)
  • Manager Group
  • Training
  • Products
  • Off site Training
  • Personal involvement & commitment from first day
  • Optimum charges
  • Professional approach
  • Hard work and update the knowledge of team members
  • Strengthening clients by system establishment and providing best training materials in any areas of management to make their house in proper manner
  • To establish strong internal control with the help of system and use of the latest management techniques
We offer class and online courses for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949,OHSAS:18001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, Six-Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, Six sigma, 5S lean, KRA, TPM etc. The courses use the exact text of the standards or regulation, and will provide accurate training, free of distortions and misinterpretations other courses typically have. They can be taken from the convenience of your office or your home, at your own pace, with no time limit on completion, and with 60% cost saving on similar classes.

Low Cost :

Experience in all kinds of industry and highly qualified team prepares our products and sold at very low price If you compare our rates vs. cost of preparation by your team members for documentation/presentation material then it is very law.

  • We provide value for money to our customers
  • 100 % return to customer for what he spent in our products
  • Our billing rates 40 % lower than industry rate
  • Preparation cost of 9000 man days are distributed in many products
  • Saves your preparation time and thus cost
  • Ready to use product with edit future.

Reliable :

Professional approach and more than 40 highly qualified persons comprise Engineers / MBA from various disciplines with extensive experience are involved in our team and 100 % success rate for ISO series certifications of our clients.

  • Owner is having rich professional experience (since 1991)
  • Our team have experience of more than 700 globally for ISO series certification and training
  • We have 100% success rate for ISO series certification from reputed certifying body. We have 100% success rate in helping customers reach their Time To Market and iso certification objectives.
  • "Our satisfied customer says" Your product( Documentation Kit and training presentations) is more than my requirements and saved my 2 months time which in turn keep our company ahead of 2 months in present competition and we are totally satisfied and will recommend your name to many

Faster :

The painstaking work of documentation of model document kit and presentation material is done by us.

  • On realization of payment we will send the training presentation / document kit either through download form our ftp server / E-Mail.
  • On receipt of our products you have to make changes and remove few presentation slides which you do not want and your product is ready
  • Complete the work is 3 to 4 months time

We provide off site/ on-site management training and implementation consulting support to customers from India and worldwide.

It costs you a fraction of the consulting fees charged by us against benefit. In Off site mode of consultancy we provide the advise and training through internet and telephonic conversation. Our quote for off site/on site consultancy is provided after receipt of enquiry from the client.
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 Mission and Objectives
Mission :
Global Manager Group’s mission and purpose is to help organizations achieve business excellence through the rational development and improvement of the business system. The in-depth experience of our progressive staff and our innovative approach to ISO training, business process improvement, Management System implementation, and organizational development is reflected in our broad array of services. We are committed to providing the highest quality, custom tailored, and affordable training and consulting services to help organization along the road to organizational excellence.
Objective :
  • Promote management and ISO training with slides and user can modify to suit requirements
  • Create Global Managers Group worldwide to share knowledge on ISO document
  • Provide documents and presentation kit and save the time of individual in preparation
  • Provide value for money to our customers
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  1. ISO Consultants (4)
  2. Calibration Engineers (2)
  3. Office Assistant (2)
  4. Management Area Trainer (2)
  5. Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant (3)

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