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Global Consultancy & training company for system implementation, certification documentation, awarness & auditor training and management training consultancy. We offer QMS, EMS, FSMS, ISMS, ITSMS, EnMS, CMM, Laboratory Accrediation, CE MARK crtification solution with readymade referance Documentation and Training presentation kits in India, USA, UK, Europe UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Australia etc. more than 65 countries.

Management Training

    M101 : 5S PPT Presentation Kit for Lean Manufacturing Techniques Training149.00 USD

    We offer training presentation slides on 5 S lean manufacturing Japanese Techniques. Our 5S Lean documentations, 5S Lean Manufacturing ppt and Lean Management training presentation slides have been developed for providing training and presentation material for maintaining a more organized, efficient, safe, and profitable production floor as well as office areas with the help of 5S techniques. With the help of 5S lean manufacturing ppt training presentation on 5S management system course, employees will learn the fundamental concepts of the 5S techniques that will improve quality and productivity. The training includes step-by-step guidelines for achieving the 5S as well as a road-map to implement 5S throughout the entire organization. This training presentation is being used by our ISO consultants while conducting corporate training sessions at various client organizations to establish 5S lean manufacturing techniques and can prepare own 5S software.

    Our 5S ppt training presentation offers a cost-effective approach for enhancing safety, quality, and the work environment by five S lean manufacturing system. This system can be especially useful in companies with ISO and TS-9000 initiatives. These presentation materials can be used to educate management, employees, contractors or other groups. Our packages are competitively priced and meet the global customer needs.

    M103 : Six Sigma Training - Lean Six Sigma ppt Presentation Kit for Six Sigma Certification240.00 USD

    The Six Sigma training ppt presentation is a useful guide and training material to train the employees for Lean six sigma certification, presented by Global Manager Group. In the present competitive environment reducing defects/errors to reduce the cost and meeting certification requirements has become necessity. Determining the content and framework, developing the materials, and rolling it out to the company are only half of the necessary work. The other half is changing the culture with the help of Six Sigma training and meeting six sigma requirements.

    It is therefore necessary to provide training to all and this SIX SIGMA ppt presentation helps you to modify and shape a 6 Sigma culture. The lean six sigma becomes need of the time for continually sharpen as well as upgrade the skill of all the employees and deploy six sigma cultures in any organization; however, it can be achieved by ongoing training with the help of this Lean six sigma training material and establish system to meet the Six Sigma certification requirements.

    With the help of our six sigma ppt presentation slides, employee will effectively learn the fundamental concepts. Six Sigma Training can be used to educate management students, employees or other groups as a cost effective tool for six sigma lean deployments. Our six sigma training packages are competitively priced and meet the global customer needs.

    M105 : Strategic planning & Goal Setting ppt Training Presentation Kit199.00 USD

    The strategic planning and goal setting can move your organization to world class performance. We offer strategic management planning ppt training presentation slides on strategic planning and goal setting. What is strategic management? In our presentation step by step implementation approach for strategic planning, strategic techniques, strategic planning management, goal setting and establishing key result areas are described. Leaders in each area look to a strategic plan for guidance in goal setting for their part of an organization. It is advisable to have at least some general ideas of where you want to take it and what is a desirable direction.

    In developing business plans and doing strategic planning, goal setting and establishing key performance areas some very basic questions like what is strategic management needs to be answered:

    1. Why do we exist as an organization? - Our mission statement
    2. How do we do what we do? - Core processes
    3. Where are we now? SWOT analysis
    4. Where do we want to be? - Vision statement
    5. How can we get there? - Business plans

     These strategic planning and goal setting strategic planning  ppt presentation can be used to educate management, employees or other groups for strategic management, goal setting and key performance areas.

    Our strategic planning ppt training packages are competitively priced and meet the global customer needs.
    M115 : Total Productive Maintenance -TPM ppt presentation training kit118.00 USD

    We offer Total Productive Maintenance Training- TPM ppt Presentation. Globally used TPM training presentation kit is designed by Global Manager Group, with guidance of professional management training consultants. The TPM presentation kit available with free demo provides detailed information about What is TPM, how to use TPM ppt kit to develop Total Productive Maintenance system, how a lean TPM training tool concerned with maximizing the efficiency of production machinery and more. Total productive maintenance training ppt presentation to enhance change in the culture and working style is a need of time. It has become necessary to provide training to all and our TPM presentation helps you to modify and shape a total productive maintenance culture. Use these presentation materials to educate management, employees or other groups as effective tool to implement TPM Practices. Our tpm training ppt slide packages are competitively priced and meet the global customer needs and many customers have used and implemented TPM system based on our presentation kit to establish lean manufacturing.

    M116 : Kaizen Training - Continuous Process Improvement PPT Presentation Kit199.00 USD

    The Kaizen training ppt - Continuous Process Improvements presentation Kit is a useful training material and guide presented by Leading Management training consultant Global Manager Group.

    What is Kaizen? - It is a continuous improvement management practices for process improvement in quality and production areas. This Kaizen training kit helps to understand and describe the methodology to bring continuous improvement in a company. This competitive market requires fast changing industry conditions for any company and in such environment continuous improvement in overall activity of the organization is the only way and same can be achieved by implementation of kaizen continuous improvement in the production and quality areas of organization.

    The Kaizen ppt presentation slides provided by Global Manager Group educates employees through effective kaizen tools and methods for implementation of kaizen. The SMAIC Model with graphical presentation, pdf, document and score sheet is described to see an overall organization performance, steps for how to implement the kaizen as well as what is kaizen.

    M119 : Pull / Kanban Training Presentation and knabn ppt kit160.00 USD

    Global Manager Group Kanban certification training consultant provides Kanban training power point presentation. In this Kanban ppt slide show you should get knowledge about training on Pull / Kanban Systems, and it will apply the learned Pull / Kanban principles to a specified area in the company.

    This kanban certification training ppt presentation will define a six-step methodology to implement Pull / Kanban systems. In addition, attendees will see the concepts in practice in repetitive and non-repetitive, as well as seasonal demand applications. Participants will learn to set-up point-of-use material storage, interface pull systems with existing planning systems, and set lot sizes based on capacity, not economic order quantity theory.

    M123 : Employee Motivation And Employee Recognition ppt training presentation slides118.00 USD

    Global Manager Group – Employee Motivational Training consultant provides Employee Motivation Training power point ppt presentation which covers detailed description of what goals and benefits of motivation, how motivation affects behavior, human relations and performance, motivation process and different theories related to motivation etc along with use of models and graphical presentation. employee recognition and motivation ppt slide show covers what, why and how performance appraisal, process & methods and how to evaluate, guidelines, simplest process with graphical rating describe in detail. It also covers how KRA works, tier1 & tier2 for performance appraise and 360degree appraisal for managers describe in fantastic ways with suitable case study.

    In any organization employee has become key factor and motivated employee is asset for any organization. To establish vibrant organization with motivated employees our Employee Motivation Training Presentation kit is a very good employees motivation tool for any company. It covers how to create work place motivation strategies using personal check and exercises for that describe in creative manner, motivating and leading people, roles and responsibilities, most power-full tools describe in detail. Our employee motivation training ppt slides, pdf documents, software offers a cost-effective approach for enhancing employees performance, quality, and the work environment. Employee motivation training Presentation of Global Manager Group provides clear and measurable bottom-line results, so use these presentation materials to educate management, employees, contractors or other groups.

    M128 : Key Result Areas and Performance Based Appraisal System PPT Presentation Training Kit199.00 USD

    Goal setting can move your organization to world class performance based working organization. If we make key performance targets for each and every individual and linked it to performance based appraisal then it makes vibrant result oriented work culture. So keeping this in mind we offer employee appraisal system training presentation on goal setting, key performance areas and performance appraisal system.

    Global Manager Group – corporate training consultant provides performance based employee appraisal system training power point presentation which includes step by step implementation approach for goal setting and making performance based appraisal system with few sample templates is provided. It is advisable to have Key performance result areas and key performance indicators system - kpis for effective and efficient organization. Use these KRA and performance appraisal presentation materials to create ppt slides, pdf, software, documents and to educate management, employees or other groups for goal setting, key performance areas and making performance based appraisal system.

    Our Employee Appraisal System Training Presentation packages are competitively priced and meet the global customer needs.

    M129 : Poka Yoke Training Powerpoint PPT Presentation Kit for Mistake Proofing System190.00 USD

    Global Manager Group offers Poka Yoke mistake proofing PowerPoint training PPT slide show presentation for those who want to quickly and efficiently learn how to implement Poka Yoke based mistake proofing system. It is a process to avoid inadvertent errors in the company and make mistake proofing culture in the organization. It is the methodology used to strive towards zero defect work culture by designing devices. Global Manager Group – poka yoke training consultant provides Poke Yoke training ppt presentation slides which is also being used by them while conducting corporate training sessions for Poke-a-Yoke system at various client organizations including mufti-national companies.

    Use these poka yoke internal quality auditor training presentation materials to create poka yoke ppts, pdf, software and to train your team for Poke a Yoke system and make mistake proofing lean manufacturing environment. Our Poke a Yoke ppt Training Presentation packages are competitively priced and meet the global customer needs.

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