Global Consultancy & training company for system implementation, certification documentation, awarness & auditor training and management training consultancy. We offer QMS, EMS, FSMS, ISMS, ITSMS, EnMS, CMM, Laboratory Accrediation, CE MARK crtification solution with readymade referance Documentation and Training presentation kits in India, USA, UK, Europe UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Australia etc. more than 65 countries.
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Join us for country business development associate/country marketing partner:

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as a very well known consulting group for the ISO and management areas and having clients in more than 35 countries and in this business since 1995.

We are pleased to inform you that over the past years we have grown a deep experience in the ISO compliance and that many global corporate have already taken advantage of our work. The large experience and capabilities of our working team, lead us to completely take care of the ISO compliance. Our working methods, our efficient organization and our experiences allow Clients to obtain ISO compliance in a very short time, in the best way and to very competitive costs.

Our alliance program provides country business development associate and country marketing partnership opportunities that will complement your core offerings to help you drive new revenues and capture more market-share. strategically selects its partners and follows through with a full service and support model to create a win-win value proposition. When you partner with Global Manager Group, you gain access to represent our training and document kit in your country. Our products and services backed by an experienced team of professionals committed to helping you succeed.

Whereas this, we are confidentially now looking for a serious and reputable Organization in each country to establish a long term collaboration and to both take advantage of the services and marketing synergies such a cooperation can create.
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Partner
  • Affiliate Program


Authorized CBD Associates receive authorisaiton to represent our products in their territory and they will get access to select the products from our E shop as well as E training courses from our existing catalog. They represent us for potential clients looking for our training programs or ISO consultancy. All CBD associates are supported by business development managers with sales and business plans to achieve growth of  our  product sales.

Ideal CBD Associates will have the capability to extend their market reach and will ideally be operating in or close to the target industry which includes but is not limited to any kind of corporate looking for readymade solution for ISO certification or training.


  • Aggressive revenue sharing model
  • Dedicated Business Development Manager supports
  • Sales support and assistance
  • Branded marketing support
  • Learning opportunity for ISO and Management areas in our onsite consultancy

Qualifying Country marketing partner of are provided with access to E Shop link on their web site to sell our products through their web site. We also take development services utilizing content supplied by our country marketing partner.

The country  marketing partner will have the capability to extend their market reach  with little to no risk and should have a unique market position to sell our products either through their web site or through own business development team. Also they can market our training program as well as ISO consultancy in their region. In long run they can train their own team to execute the ISO consultancy with our support in their country

Country Marketing Partner Benefits

  • Share on each product sell
  • Sales and services support
  • Branded marketing support
  • Execution of ISO consultancy in the country
  • Proven readymade products sold at low price
  • In each country we will select only 1 country partner for 2 years so huge market potential.

Sell the very best ISO & management Templates and earn 20% Commission!

Join our affiliate program to earn 20% commission on all product purchases referred by you. There are no fees to pay, and you can start earning commissions as soon as you have a website ready to promote our products (Affiliate Program) or as soon as you have clients that you refer otherwise (Referral Program). You don't need to carry inventory, you don't need to have a shopping cart or merchant account. You can earn high commissions just by promoting our products, and you can feel good about it knowing that you are promoting the very best ISO & management materials on the market!

Affiliate Program:

In order to join the Affiliate Program, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must have a professionally appearing website that adequately and correctly describes our products.
  2. Your website must be targeted towards businesses, quality professionals and organizations.
  3. You must not promote our products directly or indirectly through unsolicited mass emails.

Once you are approved as affiliate, we will provide you with the hyperlinks for your "Buy Now" buttons.

Commission Payments:

Commission payments are paid every monh through bank transfer. Minimum commission payment is USD $300; if your accumulated commissions add up to less than USD $300 they will be rolled over to the next quarter until USD $300  is reached.

contact us for sign up  for the Affiliate Program :

We provide off site/ on-site management training and implementation consulting support to customers from India and worldwide.

It costs you a fraction of the consulting fees charged by us against benefit. In Off site mode of consultancy we provide the advise and training through internet and telephonic conversation. Our quote for off site/on site consultancy is provided after receipt of enquiry from the client.

You may contact us to be our business development associate/Marketing Partner in your country.

 You may contact the local customer and guide them to purchase our products. Demo and sample templates of our products are available on our web site. In the present competitive environment upgrading the skill and competency of own staff and subcontractor has become the need of the time. We at global manager group is ready to provide and upgrade your skill and lot of business development material is kept on our web site . You may follow the steps listed below to purchase training presentation.

  • You may send us the title and content of the training presentation required by your customer. You may also submit us the order form.
  • We may either offer  you the same from in-house material ready with us or offer the presentation received for sell on our website by others.
  • If the content and prices are agreed to each other then we will provide the same to your customer or modify it to meet your requirements.
  • The training presentation is provided at economical rate and provide value for money to our customers.
  • If any of your customer directly purchase our product then we will pass on your agreed amount. You may also market our e training as well as our ISO consultancy in your country.

If you are in the marketing field/good contacts/auditors of certifying body  or consultants and want to establish your reputation and earn through our aggressive revenue sharing model then contact us for application of country marketing partner/CBD associates