Global Consultancy & training company for system implementation, certification documentation, awarness & auditor training and management training consultancy. We offer QMS, EMS, FSMS, ISMS, ITSMS, EnMS, CMM, Laboratory Accrediation, CE MARK crtification solution with readymade referance Documentation and Training presentation kits in India, USA, UK, Europe UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Australia etc. more than 65 countries.
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 Steps to Execute E System Certification Consultancy

We achieve this by systematically following our 10-step implementation program

  • Step 1: Gap Assessment
  • Step 2: Training
  • Step 3: Document Generation
  • Step 4: Implementation
  • Step 5: Document Review
  • Step 6: Internal Auditor training
  • Step 7: Internal audits, Improvement and closure of audit findings
  • Step 8: Management Review Meeting
  • Step 9: Registration Audit
  • Step;10 Close registration audit findings
  1. Step 1: Gap Assessment
    Our specialized staff will conduct gap analysis on review and analysis of answers of our micro level survey questionnaire. We will ask the process owners to define their process in great detail. Based on review of your existing system documents and our questionnaire we will submit you a detailed report we will identify the gaps between your process and the system requirements.

  2. Step 2: Training
    We will provide related standard foundation and awareness training kit having more than 200 slides. For each position you will identify the necessary training to ensure the employee has sufficient knowledge to perform his/her job. On receipt of our training kit you will Edit the training slides as per your need and our specialist will conduct the training for all employees with our ready made training kits. This training can be conducted in several different manners:
    1. Class room training: employees gather in a central location and one of your specialists conducts class style training.
    2. Self-study: the materials are handed out to each employee with a deadline for review. A quiz is generated for each set of training materials to ensure the employees obtain the necessary knowledge.
    The training is conducted for 2 things
    1. System awareness and foundation course
    2. System documentation and implementation training

  3. Step 3: Document Generation
    Based on the gap assessment and review of our micro level questions reply given by you, our specialist will generate all the necessary documents (Manual, Procedures, Work Instructions & Exhibits and Forms). As per micro level survey we will prepare your documents and submit all 4 tier documents to you. The document we generate will also address all the requirements of the related system requirements. We submit you the documents for your review and finalisation.

  4. Step 4: Implementation
    Our specialist will be in touch with you on phones and e mails to discuss the implementation of your management system. We clarify their query related to documents and understanding the forms.

  5. Step 5: Document Review
    Once all the process documents are finalized by you then, we will conduct desk document review and suggest necessary changes as well as ensure related certification requirements are complied.

  6. Step 6: Internal Audit Training
    We will provide you our internal auditor training kits and your team of internal auditor has to under go the training. Also they will solve our work shops, exams and case studies to make them certified internal auditor. We will provide them set of audit questions checklist.

  7. Step 7: Internal audits, Improvement & closure of audit findings:
    Based on the learning and internal audit checklist they will conduct internal audits for established system. Your specialist will conduct a detailed audit of your management system. We will audit your staff in the same manner as the registrar will audit. You can submit us audit findings and we help your team to solve the findings, preparation of audit reports and closure of nonconformity by phone and e mails.

  8. Step 8: Management Review Meeting
    We will provide you the guidelines to conduct management review meetings and accordingly you will review your system and send us draft minutes of meeting. We will provide all guidance for data analysis as well as agenda preparation. During this meeting you will discuss each data topic and identify any opportunities for improvement. Your specialist will document the meeting in the form of minutes and actions items. And we will review the same.

  9. Step 9: Registration body selection and Audit
    We will help you in selecting the registration body, necessary negotiation with them. Also we will help you in taking the dates for final registration audit dates from the certifying body.

  10. Step 10: Close certification audit findings
    Our team will help you in closure of registration audit non conformities/CARS. All the help is provided over phone and by mails for successful completion of audit findings to get the certificate. Thus we will remain in close touch with you from the 1st step to last step of registration process till you get the certificate.

 Agreement for E Certification consultancy
Once you like our above E certification methodology then please send us your details as per our customer feedback form
  • On receipt of your details we will submit you our consultancy offer.
  • Once you accept our offer then we will send an implementation plan similar to this example